SARARASO Hotel Cafe Local
TEL.076-254-5608 1-1-8, Kikugawa, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa


A place where history and
culture intersect

Historic Kanazawa temples and
shops plus new shops
really contribute
to the neighborhood atmosphere

At the base of the Sai River flowing
through the middle of two towns
we renovated a 30-year-old Japanese inn.
We opened this hotel with the idea of
“connecting the different areas”

Indulge in the sway of the flowing river
Enjoy the chance encounters with
people and the town.
Sararaso creates an environment
of peaceful serenity
where patrons can soak up nature,
discover the history,
or enjoy the life of Kanazawa.


Our guest rooms are tailored to suit your travel needs, from sightseeing to business.
Enjoy the river view from our comfortable rooms.
Two types of breakfast are available, a traditional Japanese breakfast that includes Donabe rice or delicious bread.
Donabe rice is “Cooked rice in a clay pot” using Kaga’s seasonal vegetables and organically grown rice from the local “Kanazawa Daichi”. A seasonal side dish, miso from store Tenyuin Nomachi. This is a simple breakfast that carefully prepared and served on artisanal Japanese pottery.
HAMONI COFFEE is on the first floor of sararaso, and it is used by a variety of people, from guests to those living nearby. The coffee is carefully siphoned with a flavorful aroma. Other homemade ginger ales and chai tea are also available. Enjoy the Sai River view of dust relax and let time slowly pass you by.


ISHIDERA has many famous sightseeing spots that attract many tourists,
but it also has many hidden gems tucked away that local have been using for years.
You should try a leisurely walking tour or rent a bike and explore the city with the wind at your back.
07 Nishi Chaya District
07 Nishi Chaya District
One of the three Kanazawa chaya districts, along with the Higashi Chaya district and Kazuemachi Chaya district. One of the highlights is the Kanazawa Nishi Chaya Museum, built on the site of the tea house where the writer, Seijiro Shimada spent time. At dusk, beautifully dressed geisha walks around the town, and the shamisen plays, and you can feel the night of the art town Kanazawa.
09 Kourinji Temple
09 Kourinji Temple
Kanazawa’s famous Zen temple “Korinji”. If you pray at this temple, your wish will come true! This idea has spread on the Internet and is now attracting attention as a power spot in Kanazawa. In particular, it is effective for love and marriage.
10 Sai River
10 Sai River
The Sai River flows gently along the west side of Kanazawa Castle. There are promenades on both banks that provide a place for many citizens and tourists to relax. The riverbed with green grass is recommended for walking and jogging. In spring, when the cherry blossom trees along the riverside are in full bloom, it is crowded with people enjoying the Hanami season.
10 Tsubomi
10 Tsubomi
A famous Kanazawa Oden restaurant loved by locals. It has a reputation for having an independent master’s solid skills and ingenuity after training at a long-established oden restaurant.
Kanazawa is a town with many rising and falling roads.
There are the Sai River and Asano River flowing through the city of Kanazawa, and on both sides of these two rivers are the Teramachi Plateau, Kodatsuno Plateau, and Utatsuyama. Therefore, rising and falling roads are scattered everywhere. In addition, there are many old slopes because there are so few changes in the town that old maps from the Edo period can be used. The winding roads create a attractive landscape. Why do not you try to find your favorite hill among such many hills?



SARARASO Hotel Cafe Local

1-1-8 Kikugawa, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

Number of rooms: 8 rooms
* Rental cycle (4 available, pay / yen)
* Parking information (7 available, pay 1 night / 500 yen)
  • From Kanazawa Station East Exit Terminal [3] ->
    Take the bus [18] bound for
    Hanazato /Tobu Garage ->
    Get off at “SarumaruJinjamae”->
    approximately 7 minutes on foot
  • Approximately 17 minutes by car from Kanazawa Station East Exit Taxi Stand
  • It is approximately 20 minutes by car from Kanazawa Nishi interchange
    ※parking is available
  • Approximately 40 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport


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